Q & A

How and when do we register?
Write an email and state that you want to participate now to the following email address to:

Is there a cost?
No, we do not charge any fees for this competition.

Who should we contact regarding questions or clarifications?

Would you clarify the intent for the add-on location versus the septic system location?
For the first phase of this competition you can assume that a pump could be installed to feed into the existing septic system.

Does this competition desire the add-on to be designed for this specific site?
This site is representative of a typical lot in Wellfleet. The new ADU can be situated anywhere on the site as long as it follows the setback regulations.

Does this competition envision the cluster layout for this site?
No, Add-on'13 will specify a different site for the cluster layout during phase 2.

What are the design requirements, site location or site requirements?
You should be able to find all the relevant information on:

Is it ok for one team to submit 2 schemes?
Only one scheme per team, please.

Can a team member be part of two different teams?
Yes. If both teams become finalists however that team member will have to pick one team.

Are all submissions anonymous?
This competition is structured like an RFP. It will not be anonymous.

Is the final result of this competition that an affordable home actually be constructed?
No, but interested property owners will come to the exhibition.

Is the existing shed, which can be demolished, the same structure that is labeled 'barn' on the site plan?
Yes, the barn is the existing building that can be demolished.

For Phase 1 of the competition, it seems that (2) 8.5 x 11 sheets is not sufficient to fit the drawings that the competition is requesting at 1/8” scale, particularly if the jury wants the plans to show the extent of the given site. Is it possible to change the sheet size from (2) 8.5 x 11 pages to (2) 11x17 pages?
A team can submit an additional 8.5 x 11 sheet with a site plan. If a team wants to use only two 8.5 x 11 sheets, the site plan can be a very small vignette (roughly at 1/128" = 1') that indicates the location of the project.

The brief asks for a third page that includes a short design statement and a CV.  Would the competition jury prefer a typical Resume layout or a short paragraph bio?
The competition jury is looking for a brief statement that outlines a strategy for sustainability. The submitting team should include a very brief bio with the address of the firm and list all its team members. The main purpose of the bio is that Add-on'13 would like to know, where participants are from and which discipline they belong to.

Are there limitations to building near an existing or proposed well?
For the first phase of this competition you can assume that there are no restrictions regarding setbacks for wells.

Can an accessory dwelling unit be in the front yard?

Are the 800 sf a strict requirement?  Do the 800 sf pertain to interior useable square footage or does it include the entire envelope?
For the first phase of this competition you should assume that 800 sf are the net area.

What is the cash prize amount for first place?
We are currently fundraising now and hope that the prize for first place for phase two will be $4,000 to $5,000. Finalists will also be able to receive limited funding for printing.

The requirements state:  "The front setback is 30 feet (Pine Point Rd.), side setback is 15 and rear is 10 feet. If the building exceeds 15 feet in height, then the setback has to be equal to building height up to 25 feet, which is the maximum setback. " Which setback is being referred to, when it states that "the setback has to be equal to the building height up to 25 feet"?
The building height in the statement refers to side and rear setbacks.

It states that "The maximum height for the building is 28 feet above median grade"
If the roof of the proposed building is flat then that is clear but what if the roof is angled? Is the center point or median of the sloped roof required to stay below 28 feet or is the top point of the sloped roof to remain under 28 feet?
The maximum allowable height of 28' is to the peak of the roof. Since the rear of the site slopes toward the back street, you should assume a maximum of 28' taken from the median of the foot print of the used lot depth.

Is it possible to get the site plan as a CAD file?
No, we unfortunately don't have a CAD drawing of the site.

Is it possible to get it as a full-size PDF that is to scale?
You will have to scale the jpeg on the Add-on 13 website.

What is the exact time of deadline on the 15th of March?
Midnight Eastern Time on the 15th is the deadline.

Will there be an e-receipt for the submission?
You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission.

The dwellings are to be cost-effective, built with “modest budgets”. Is there a target budget in mind?
Every team should assume an unspecified but modest budget. Round two will have more specific budget information.

Is it possible to visit the site?
If a team wants to visit the site, inform Add-on'13 and a visit can be arranged.

Will you make more specific jury review criteria available?
Round one is an 'ideas competition' so the jury will be looking fresh thinking and inventive solutions.

If I use different types of drawings and perhaps an additional sheet, will my submission be disqualified?
The competitions asks for a specific format and will only look at the requested material.

Please confirm that it is ok to put the entrant's name and association on the Plan and Perspective entry documents.
You can put your name and association on the entry drawings.

Is this a group residency with multiple participants or teams in the same house, or does each participant or team have one of the houses alone?
Each team or participant will get a house to themselves.

May we create a new entrance to the site from the rear?


What are the regulations regarding the septic system?
The project should stay 10' away from the septic system.

What are the town’s zoning regulations regarding fences and masonry landscape walls? Are they allowed to encroach up to the property line on side and rear yards?
Fences and stone walls etc. can extend right to the property lines.